CUFNA Position Statement  

A Listing of the Interests and Concerns of the CUF Community

The Clifton Heights, University Heights, Fairview Neighborhood Association (CUFNA) is a community-based organization which functions as the official representative for our neighborhoods to the City of Cincinnati.  CUF is located between the two largest job centers in Cincinnati.  As one of the first suburbs of the city, it contains many historic structures, streets, and walkways; our parks and greenspaces are a key component of our community.  As our neighborhood grows, we seek to uphold our goals of home ownership, pedestrian friendly infrastructure, preservation of greenspace, and positive human interactions.  The following are goals of our residents:


  • Increasing home ownership is an ongoing goal.  City policies support goals of home owners, families, and long-term renters in CUF.

  • CUF is home to large employers walkable and/or close to public transportation, in accordance with stated goals of the city.  Pedestrian friendly design, easy parking, and accessible public transportation is essential to keeping jobs within easy reach to tens of thousands of workers.

  • The advantages of home ownership are well documented.  It lowers crime rates, increases civic and volunteering activities, reduces litter, and helps to provide a stable environment for children and families.  Rental property is a necessary part of housing, but home ownership is an essential part of a safe, stable, community.


  • Relative to a family-friendly neighborhood, better conditions for pedestrians are desirable.  We support better traffic control, such that walking is both easier and safer.

  • Sidewalks prescribed in city code are completed, e.g., sidewalks on the south side of McMillan Street from Ravine Street to the entrance to Fairview Park.


  • Preservation of existing community greenspace, especially Bellevue Hill Park, Burnet Woods, Coy Field, Fairview Park, and Gallagher Park, is of paramount importance.

  • Continual planting and maintenance of trees is a primary goal.


  • Development is respectful of the neighborhood, its history of mostly single family and two-family homes, and the permanent residents who live in CUF.

  • Development is respectful of the valued, broad diversity of residents in CUF rather than solely directed at UC students.

  • Engagement with the community occurs at the beginning of the development process.

  • CUF’s community plan and city zoning and building codes are upheld and respected.

  • CUF is involved with decisions regarding TIF funds.


  • As parts of CUF were built before most people had cars, most homes do not have off-street parking.  As a result, cars parked illegally present a hazard to safe walking and driving.

  • The problem is exacerbated by houses having a greater than allowed number of unrelated residents, each with a car.

  • Illegally parked cars also present obstacles to emergency vehicles.  Enforcement of parking ordinances allows police/fire vehicles to respond in emergencies.

  • Remedies developed during various community engagement efforts are implemented.


  • CUFNA seeks good communication and interaction with City of Cincinnati elected officials and City departments.
  • Code enforcement in all departments is a primary goal.

CUF Neighborhood Association is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, 2364 McMicken Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45214.

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