The neighborhoods now called Clifton Heights, University Heights, and Fairview sit atop the hills just north of the center city. Although surrounding areas were settled earlier, by the end of the Civil War CUF remained largely undeveloped land. The last quarter of the nineteenth century saw the beginning of high-density residential development particularly after construction of the Bellevue and Fairview inclines allowed access out of the basin of the city. As mass transit opened up the area to residential development, educational and institutional development soon followed. Construction of Fairview Public School, Hughes High School, the University of Cincinnati and Hebrew Union College was soon followed by construction of the Crematory, Deaconess and Good Samaritan Hospitals. The first half of the twentieth century saw the rapid increase of single-family households. The second half of the twentieth century was marked by the movement of families from city neighborhoods to the suburbs and by the expansion of the University of Cincinnati and nearby medical centers. This led to the building of many apartment complexes and the transformation of the housing stock from single-family, owner occupied to multi-family rental.

The community council was first organized by Dr. Otto Juettner before 1910 under the name of Clifton Heights Welfare Association. It began as a civil body for promoting the fraternal, social, municipal and community welfare. It is one of the oldest neighborhood councils in the city. In 1934 a new constitution was adopted by the organization. Since then the organization has operated continuously, although changing its name as its share of representation grew. It became the Clifton Heights,University Heights, Fairview Community Council, and it completed a comprehensive community plan. The organization’s present name, Clifton Heights, University Heights, Fairview Neighborhood Association (CUF), was adopted in 1987. The by-laws have most recently been revised in 2021. Held constant since its inception has been the goal that the organization be comprised of residents working for quality living in the neighborhood. CUF Neighborhood Association will concern itself with zoning regulations, housing code enforcement, traffic patterns, shopping, school and recreational facilities, human needs, and attractive appearance.

  Bellevue Incline

  Bellevue House


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