Membership/Voting/Election to Board

Membership: Any person subscribing to the purpose of the CUF Neighborhood Association and paying dues set by the Association may become a Member. Membership is permitted without regard to sex, race, color, creed, national origin or sexual preference. Membership application must be tendered to the Membership Secretary or other Trustee. The Annual Period is defined as beginning May 1 and ending the following April 30.
Voting: Eligibility to vote must be established in the Annual Period ending three months before the election held at the Annual Meeting. To be eligible to vote at the Annual meeting, a Member 1) must be a resident of the community who has attained the age of 18 years, and 2) must have attended three general meetings as a paid Member in full. Non-resident Members have voice but no vote in Association meetings. The Membership Secretary shall record permitted absences for any Member who cannot attend a general membership meeting due to legitimate business, medical or exigent circumstances. To obtain a permitted absence, the Member must inform the Membership Secretary prior to the meeting in question or before the next meeting. Only one permitted absence shall be counted as attendance for the purpose of determining eligibility to vote. A prospective voting Member must show proof of residency. Proof of residency must be current, and show official recognition of residency within the territorial boundaries of the CUF Neighborhood Association. Residency may be evidenced by a voter registration card, driver’s license, non-driver’s state identification, lease, housing contract, rent receipt, or tax or utility bills.
Election to Board:To be eligible to seek election to the Board a Member must be eligible to vote as defined in the paragraph above. Non-resident Members may not be elected to the Board.

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